Principle of air-conditioning control panel: air-conditioning thermostats are divided into two types: type and mechanical type, which are air conditioner control panel divided into liquid crystal display and adjustment type according to different displays.

The air-conditioning thermostat is programmed to control and send various signals to the actuator through program editing, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the air-conditioning fan bypass pipe and the electric two-way valve.

A temperature controller is an electrical conversion gadget that controls the temperature of an airflow-regulated area. The temperature variation in an air-conditioned place operating with temperature control is typically 18°C--28°C. The thermal controller commonly used in window air conditioners uses pressure keys to push the opening and closing of the associate.

Its structure consists of bellows, hot ball (analytical tube), eccentricity, small movement and so on. It is a closed induction system and a system that transmits signal energy.

Control methods are generally divided into two types

The first is managed by heat changes in the object being cooled, most of which work with steam strain heat controllers.

The other is managed by the temperature difference of the object being cooled, as well as the heat control generally applied. The thermostat is divided into: technical classification is divided into: vapor pressure thermostat, liquid expansion thermostat, gas adsorption thermostat, aluminum development thermostat.

Among them, steam stress thermostats are divided into: blasting type, liquefied gas mixing type and liquefied filling type. The mechanical form of the domestic air conditioning unit mainly depends on this thermostat. Types are divided into: resistance thermostats and thermocouple thermostats.



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