Fiber laser welding machine is actually a substantial and new welding method, which usually includes "welding host" and "welding table", combining laser beam into optical fiber, followed by long-distance transmission, which is processed into parallel light to implement stable welding on the workpiece. Because of the continuity of light quantity, the welding effect is more perfect, and the weld seam is far better and exquisite than before. Laser welding technology is being used more and more as automation increases in electrical equipment, automotive, railroad, shipping and transportation, aerospace and other businesses. Laser welding equipment is also evolving to a wide range of designs and capabilities.

Features of fiber optic continuous laser light welding products.

  Fiber laser welding devices can achieve fast welding speed, small deformation and no bubbles compared to everyday welding machines. In addition, the area after the fiber laser rays are focused is often as small as 10 microns, so the weld spot is quite small. Since it is a continuous wave laser, it meets the need for high power for large quantities and continuous welding stereotypes.

  Fiber laser welding machine has become a "legend" in the welding industry due to its high intelligence. Fiber laser welding equipment can not only weld a wide range of metals and their alloys, but can also perform precise welding between the same metals or different alloys. Fiber laser welding of lightweight resources also offers greater advantages in the aerospace sector, where weight requirements are high. Fiber laser welding continues to gain popularity in aerospace equipment, shipbuilding, instrumentation, electromechanical products, automotive manufacturing and other high-end market segments as related operations and technological innovations mature. automotive manufacturing as well as other high and low end businesses.


Fiber laser welding machine composition structure

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    fiber laser welding machine

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