The taste of the silicone straw can be removed by the salt water deodorization method, the milk deodorization method, the tea deodorization method, reusable silicone strawsand the orange peel deodorization method.


salt water to taste

Clean the straw, pour the diluted salt water and the straw into the cup, shake it evenly, let it stand for two hours, and then wash it clean.


Milk to taste

Clean the straw, pour two tablespoons of fresh milk and straw into the cup, tighten the lid of the cup, shake it evenly for a minute, pour out the milk, and clean it.


tea deodorization

Put the tea leaves in a cup, add warm water to a straw, let it sit for four hours, and then wash it clean.


Orange peel to taste

Add fresh orange peels (or lemon slices) into a cup with warm water, soak them in a straw for four hours, and wash them clean.




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