Avoid high and low temperature environments

What are the most afraid of electronic components? mobile latest news Of course, it is the long-term operation of the machine or the high temperature caused by the external environment. Of course, if the temperature is too low, the interior of the mobile phone will be damp, which will cause damage to the circuit, so it is quite necessary to maintain a relatively suitable temperature.


Be gentle with your phone

I believe that some friends like to throw their mobile phones on the sofa or bed at will. Although it seems that our metal shell is not damaged, excessive vibration or knocking may damage the internal components and electrical boards. Internal injuries caused by mobile phones are usually difficult to find, but the mobile phone may break down suddenly, and it is basically impossible for the repair shop to repair these internal faults for you at this time.


Unauthorized dismantling of mobile phones is strictly prohibited

Disassembling mobile phones without permission may be something that many curious friends will do. Even students majoring in electromechanics should not disassemble them at will, because the internal structure of mobile phones is far more duplicated than you think, and the structure of each mobile phone They are not the same, and it is difficult to conduct professional dismantling only with knowledge from books.




What to look out for when buying a mobile phone

Set up your phone. Power saving without delay.

What are the methods of mobile phone maintenance?


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