The ears-undefinedattached Wireless headset is a type of sports activities head set. Because of its special structure, Over Ear Wireless Headphonesit can be sure that the headset will not likely drop when you find yourself working out.

1. Initial break down the left and right ends of your ear canal-undefinedfitted Bluetooth headset, R is the proper area, L may be the kept side, then place the headphone cable behind the neck area.

2. Support the earphone in your hand and placed the in-ears cavity in to the hearing, then hang up the exterior hearing around the ear along with your hands and fingers, and after that swivel it 90° counterclockwise, along with the using is finished.

3. After sporting the left and right aspects, you must convert your face to notice the convenience and stableness from the sporting.

4. If it is a horn or shark fin hearing-undefinedconnect sporting activities earphone, it is much easier to dress in. Just placed the earplugs on initial, and then wear exactly the same as other in-hearing earbuds. Sports activities headsets are like bluetooth headphones, just pay attention. It really is safe to modify and employ the amount during backyard sporting activities.




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