The noise reduction effect is represented by the noise reduction amplitude, and also by the noise reduction depth. dB is a ratio, a numerical value, and a pure counting method without any unit labeling.Over Ear Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, According to national regulations, the noise standard in residential areas is below 50 decibels during the day and 40 decibels at night. The noise reduction effect of this ANC active noise-cancelling headset launched by the Bluetooth headset manufacturer can reach 26db, and the noise emission value in the middle of the night is 40db.


Another set of data will help you understand the concept of 26db. 10db is about when people can just feel the sound. Generally, when the sound is around 30db, it will not affect normal life and rest, and when it reaches 50db or more, people have a larger feeling, which is very Difficulty falling asleep. 10~20db is very quiet, you can hardly feel it; 20~40db is equivalent to talking softly; 40~60db is equivalent to ordinary indoor conversation; 60~70db is equivalent to shouting, which is harmful to nerves; Learning and living in the environment will gradually damage the nerve cells of people; 90~100db will cause hearing loss; 100~120db is unbearable, and the deafness can be temporarily cured in a few minutes.




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