According to different category requirements, we can also divide the most popular wireless communication module   on the market into three categories


1. Request superheterodyne unit, mainly used for simple hand-held remote control and information transmission


2. The wi-fi transceiver mainly uses a single-chip microcomputer to process wifi information transmission and wedding banquet reception, and generally adopts FSK and GFSK modulation methods


3. Most of the wireless network information transmission components transmit and provide information directly through the serial port, which is easy to use. According to the working rules, there are generally 230MHz, 315MHz, 433MHz, 2.4GHz, etc. in the market. Some wi-fi network segments can also use wifi to control home appliances.


Under the condition of APPs interconnected with points, the market has formed huge particles (the average annual demand is more than 10 million), mainly concentrated in the fields of smart meters, mobile transactions, smart cars, and smart grids. The growth in these regions has driven the substantial growth of the wi-fi interactive unit market.




Why do you need a communication module?    

The role of communication modules in the Internet of Things    


Classification of wireless communication modules


    wireless communication module

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