There are several sports socks on the market. If you accidentally buy inappropriate sports socks, it will do great harm to boys who play judgment. What to consider when choosing custom basketball socks .


First, consider the material. Qualified sports socks must use the exact same construction of your webbing, which may be whether the material meets the wearing requirements of sports socks and socks. The webbing must also closely match your foot size, and often you will actually slip and cause arch pain. , your arches. Too restrictive and can easily hurt little fingers along with other elements.


The second is to judge whether the color, material and color matching are suitable.


The next step is to see whether the sewing rules, flatness, roundness and flatness of the webbing meet the specifications.


4, do not blindly pursue luxury. If all other issues are met, even if you use an incorrectly secured athletic sock, it can cause serious trauma.




Many basketball players like to wear sockings, why?    

The difference between basketball socks and football socks  


The difference between basketball socks and ordinary socks




    custom basketball socks

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