1: Able to degrade eco-friendly packaging materials range items. This product is mainly utilized to substitute classic plastic packing items there are actually generally two series of industrial product packaging supplies and lifestyle wrapping components, amid which manufacturing packaging components incorporate: dust particles includes and protective addresses for gadgets, home appliances and industrial instruments and products.stone paper products     Wrapping materials consist of: a variety of center packing luggage, bags, garbage totes, and going luggage used in daily life. These kinds of goods have quite strong societal value and marketplace positive aspects.



2: Environmental security gemstone wall structure document sequence merchandise. Due to features of raw components, production technologies, approach circulation, and many others., the gemstone paper wallpapers product is the sole wall structure papers on the planet that is near to zero benzene and zero formaldehyde. With antibacterial as well as other practical components, the enviromentally friendly indicators of its merchandise have not simply transferred the tests certification of related national testing organizations, and also achieved the screening requirements in the European Union, and have produced significant developments in health and environmental safety.



3: Environment protection stone document sequence items. Primarily accustomed to change some conventional social document, packing pieces of paper and special document items this type of product adjustments the traditional papermaking technology, fails to use wood pulp, is not going to must reduce shrubs, does not release solid acids, alkalis as well as other substance compounds. No spend normal water



What are the main advantages of natural stone papers  

What are the advantages of stone paper products    

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